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Climate in Bali

From April to October, it is comfortably warm, temperatures range from 29'C - 34'C. From November to March occasional tropical rainfalls occur, which last but few hours a time. The average daily temperature is within a constant range of 25'C-31'C.

Money Exchange

Our Indonesian currency is called the Rupiah, abbreviated as Rp. For the best exchange rate, you will find a bank or money exchange in most of the larger hotels. Please beware of "money changers" outside of the hotels, often a higher rate of exchange is offered, but sometimes you are not given the correct amount of money, always check you money before you leave. When cashing Travellers cheques your passport will be required, and the cheque must be counter signed in front of the cashier. Travellers cheques are also accepted at many shops. Credit card that are commonly accepted here in hotels, restaurants, and shops are: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express. Personal cheques are rarely accepted anywhere.

Phoning Home

From Bali, this can be very expensive, so check the rates first! Most hotels have IDD, direct dialing. Once you have an outside line, dial 001 then the country code then drop the 0 from the STD code. Remember the time difference, Bali is 8 hours ahead of GMT and 7 hours ahead of BST-i.e. Noon in London in the summer is 7pm in Bali.

Postal Services

Cards and letters can be sent from all hotels, contact the reception or concierge for stamps.

Health and Safety

  1. Personal belongings: We suggest you exercise the same caution you would anywhere. Please leave all your valuables including your flight tickets, passport and travellers cheques in your safety deposit box provide free of charge in most hotels. Do not leave it to chance!
  2. Personal safety: We suggest you not to walk down unlit streets at night, that may be unsafe and recommended not to deal with street/beach vendors.
  3. Personal Health: We suggest you to wear sun glasses, ensure sun cream is used and topped up regularly when you will be in the sun, use insect repellents when necessary.


Please do not drink local tap water. Water used in food preparation and ice making is purified.


In case of theft, sickness or any other emergency, please contact your representative or the Duty Manager at your hotel. Most hotels have a house doctor. If you do require any medical treatment, please ensure that you obtain a receipt for your insurance claim on your return home.

Eating out in Bali

Indonesian food can be very diverse, preparation and presentation varies from region to region. There are many good restaurants to choose from in Bali, where you will find local and European dishes as well as some restaurants specialising in seafood, Thai or Chinese. But please promise us you will try some of our delicious Balinese specialities before you go home. We are sure you will like them !

Your Departure

Your return flights must be reconfirmed at least 3 days before your departure. Your tour guide will do this for you. On your day of departure, you will be pick up at Hotel. Please ensure that you have completed all check-out formalities and are ready to go in plenty of time.

The international tax is currently
: 100.000,- rupiah
The domestic tax is : 30.000,- rupiah

These prices can change without prior notice.


Candidasa Gianyar Jimbaran Kuta Legian Lovina Nusa Dua Sanur Seminyak Tabanan Ubud

for further information, please contact us at: BALI TOURS & TRAVEL
phone: +62 361 287 720 ~ fax: +62 361 287 227